Tech Foundry’s mission is to support the region’s growing need for a qualified technology workforce and elevate under-represented groups into sustainable careers in IT.

As a non-profit organization, we develop the tech talent for today and tomorrow’s workforce in order to expand access to economic opportunity and contribute to a thriving regional economy. Since our founding in 2014 by area employers, we have trained over 400 students and engaged one hundred employers across sectors, contributing to a growing IT eco-system headquartered in Springfield.

Tech Foundry’s program model is unique in that:

  • We are rooted in employer partnerships
  • We support women and people of color to successfully access sustainable careers in IT at success rates significantly higher than the state and national average
  • We combine hands-on technical training, with work experience, coaching and leadership development
  • We collaborate and seek to align stakeholders for greater impact

Who is Served?


Tech Foundry students represent the diversity lacking in IT, including women, people of color, LGBTQA+ people and those from non-traditional educational backgrounds.


Tech Foundry proudly serves businesses with 5 or more IT employees within one hour of Springfield.


Tech Foundry partners with educational and workforce providers to bridge gaps and create new pathways connecting traditional programs with the skills and talent pools employers need.

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