Founded by concerned area employers who saw a dramatic need for a skilled IT workforce, Tech Foundry is on a mission to build the most dynamic and fluid IT workforce development and training programs ever created. Driven by specific employer demands, we combine hands-on skill focused technical training with professional development, which aids us  in our overarching duty to elevate an under-served, at-risk population into tomorrow’s IT workforce.

The greater Springfield area of Massachusetts is a region ripe with opportunity. A low cost of living and high and quality of life make it an attractive community for businesses and employees alike. The obstacle to growth for our region is the lack of a skilled workforce. Without a strong, scalable, and dynamic workforce, employers are hesitant to locate and grow jobs here and the talent we do have is hesitant to stay.

At no cost to the students, we prepare a cross-section of the population to step into a sustainable career in the information technology sector. As part of our robust program, we provide a comprehensive computer science curriculum that gives students the fundamental knowledge needed to work with a variety of programming languages, computer hardware, networking solutions, and more. Our program doesn’t just focus on the computer skills needed for IT jobs, but also cultivates new opportunities for our students by developing their soft skills and resumes through training, and facilitating interviews with several different employers at our employer matching event.

Tech Foundry is turning workforce development on its head by taking a top-down approach to IT training. We utilize a groundbreaking employer partnership program that translates their open IT positions into a list of specific and quantifiable skills that can be taught and measured.  Volunteers from partner organizations take the time to help teach the specific skills that matter most to them in candidates. Through the combination of training, mentoring, soft skills development and internship placement, Tech Foundry is able to take a group of students, who otherwise had little to no IT experience when they started and mold them into the job-seekers that employers are looking to hire. Call it common sense, call it stacking the deck, but we make sure that each student learns the technical concepts and skills that are most in demand in the local economy.

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