A Puerto Rico native, Keyla has been living in Western Massachusetts for the past two years and currently resides in Holyoke, MA. While in Puerto Rico, she pursued a B.S in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, and worked in the biotechnology industry as a visual inspector. Interested in the prospect of teaching science, she decided to move to Massachusetts and pursue an M.Ed in secondary education in science. While teaching in public schools, she took pride in finding innovative ways to incorporate technology into her teaching. A proponent of inquiry learning and its potential to foster deep understanding through hands­on and minds­on approaches, Keyla decided to further support Tech Foundry’s vision of learning through said practices by becoming a Team Lead. Two of her goals at TF are to support students in becoming professional IT employees, and to inspire them with her longstanding passion for technology, particularly in design and web development.

Keyla’s talent in graphic design enabled her to lead Tech Foundry’s marketing campaigns. This passion for graphic design started in her adolescence as a digital outlet for her creativity. Recently, she has started to develop another creative outlet—photography—to capture the moments that she spends outdoors with her boyfriend, Francisco, and her dog, Naki.

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