Marie-Ange is a physician and adept project manager from Haiti, with a diversified background and expertise in leadership, management, and sustainability. She relocated to the United States after surviving the most devastating earthquake of her island’s history.

To get back on her feet in the welcoming state of Massachusetts, she became a dedicated paramedical professional. Her pleasant and empathetic attitude allowed her to make a warm difference in patients’ lives while sharpening her customer service, troubleshooting, and problem-solving abilities.  With a well-rounded skill set in planning and organizing, her passion for excellence and attention to detail brought her to technology, particularly to Tech Foundry. There, she enjoyed the pleasure of training among the most eclectic group of members, with amazing instructors and staff who go the extra mile to unlock a true passion for IT mixed with an excellent career readiness program.

Throughout her adaptation to living in the United States, Marie-Ange became a choir member at her local parish, served as vice-chairperson of HCS HeadStart Policy Council, and became a Parent Ambassador with the Massachusetts HeadStart Association and actively participates in advocacy for teachers, children, and vulnerable communities with the National HeadStart Association. She is affiliated with WIC as a peer counselor, Dress for Success and Springfield works as a beneficiary and active volunteer.  With her caring husband, she tries to get involved as much as possible in their daughters’ school organizations and activities. They love spending quality time as a family, reading, singing, and dancing together, volunteering in the community, and making every occasion a learning experience.

Despite the multiple challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marie-Ange applied herself to take full advantage of the unique opportunities of Tech Foundry’s continuously evolving IT training program. Now she is privileged to serve as Tech Foundry’s new Workforce Development Manager, excited to uphold the amazing legacy of her predecessor and eager to keep uplifting the community. With the sparkles of technology, Tech Foundry gave a better course to Marie-Ange’s life, and she is honored and dedicated to helping others participate in such empowering experiences.


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