Phyllis Williams-Thompson is a longtime Western Massachusetts resident, who has a passion for working on empowerment, diversity and inclusion issues for people from underrepresented communities. Phyllis holds a master’s degree from Bay Path University in Communications and Information Management and an undergraduate degree in Communications from Augsburg University. She held 16-year career with the March of Dimes Foundation, a national nonprofit, managing a multi million-dollar awareness campaign. She helped established the organization’s World Prematurity Day, commemorated each year on November 17 and cultivated partnerships with start-up coalitions in countries around the world.

Most recently, she led the Career Services department at Elms College, servicing 1,500 students per year and advancing the College’s career outcomes to increase from 78% to as high as 97% and now sustaining well into the 90th percentile. In February 2020, Tech Foundry appointed Phyllis as their first-ever, Director of Talent Acquisition and Employer Relations. In this inaugural role she is enthusiastic about working with students, ages 18 to 60’s to help participants of diverse ethnicities/races and socioeconomic backgrounds expand their careers in the tech world. She will acquire the local talent (the students in Springfield, Western Massachusetts, and Northern CT), prepare the students to enter Tech Foundry’s IT training program, provide strategic career development, place students into professional internships, and cultivate employer partnerships.

Phyllis enjoys taking photographs, traveling around the country and world with her family and the arts and culture scene. Her favorite poet is Maya Angelou, who once said “whatever you want to do, if you want be great at it, you have to love it and be able to make sacrifices for it.”

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