At Tech Foundry we enter the Holiday Season full of thanks!  We are grateful for yet another class of students that are working hard every day to make the most of the opportunity provided here.  We also give thanks to the many stakeholders and funders from across the region that support our work with their actions, deeds, and positive word of mouth.

But the timing of this Thanksgiving makes us especially grateful for the Tech Foundry employer partners who provide internships to our students.  We give this special thanks because as we all sit down to feast on far too much Thanksgiving food, our current cohort is in the middle of their four-week internships.  Tech Foundry students will sit down to their turkey dinner and reflect on what they’ve accomplished in their internship with local businesses.

So this Thanksgiving, please join us in giving special thanks to the group of Tech Foundry Employer Partners who are offering internships to our fall cohort:

NorthEast POS; NetLogix; Entre Computers; Rediker Software; SMC Partners; ER Portal Software; Baystate Hospital; Florence Bank; Citizens Bank; Community Enterprises; City of Springfield; UMass Amherst; UMass Springfield; Amherst College

Tech Foundry believes that the upcoming Giving Tuesday is a part of that reflection and an important part of Thanksgiving. This year, at the Thanksgiving table, when you reflect on what nonprofits you are grateful for, we hope you’ll remember us and you’ll make us your choice for this #GivingTuesday!
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