In August, Tech Foundry was honored to receive a much-appreciated contribution of $4,000 from Nuvo Bank, a division of Merchant Bank. The contribution recognizes the critically important IT skills that we provide, benefiting area employers, prospective employees, and the local economy. Recently, Nuvo Bank came to our offices and presented Tech Foundry staff with a jumbo-sized check, and more importantly they got a chance to meet our students and learn about what they hope to achieve after graduation.

Nuvo Bank with Summer 2016 Cohort



Tech Foundry students receive more than IT training. Equally important is that we introduce and excite students to a sustainable IT career. In August, students visited two technology giants in Cambridge and got a first-hand look at the creativity needed in the field and why a career in IT is worth the hard work they are putting in at Tech Foundry.  Thanks to Google‘s internal IT team for a great interactive visit and thanks to the Hubspot staff for a facility tour that kept students asking for more.

Summer 2016 Cohort at Google

Tech Foundry has placed another student in a sustainable IT position with a local employer.  Congratulations go to Chris Grimaldi for his recent job offer from the Hampden-based IT firm, Rediker Software.  Chris will serve in the position of Operator, a job he trained for during his Tech Foundry internship with Rediker.  For over 35 years, Rediker Software has been a leader in school administrative software for private, public, international, religious and independent schools.



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