Hilda SantaAdministrative Assistant & Coach

    Hilda is an accomplished, proactive, and collaborative leader with over 15 years of administrative experience across various sectors, including education, immigration, family services, and public health. A bilingual U.S. National Guard veteran, Hilda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies from UMASS Amherst and has recently graduated and advanced her skills in IT through Tech Foundry in Springfield, MA. Throughout her career, Hilda has demonstrated a passion for leveraging her skills in office management, scheduling, and process improvement. She excels in creating cohesive teams to accomplish objectives and is known for her strong attention to detail and organizational skills. Hilda’s desire for continuous learning and professional development is evident in her commitment to ongoing education and community involvement. With proficiency in English and Spanish, as well as various Microsoft Office and Google Workspace programs, Hilda brings a versatile skill set to any team or project.

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